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wheezin the ju-uice bu-uddy [27 Oct 2009|03:09pm]
First time submitting something to a tshirt design contest
i figure, hey free money AND someone to print my shirts for free? why not
also obviously i want a buncha peeps wearing shit that i make

so if you can, vote, id appreciate it mucho

*theyre havin probs with the thumbnail i think
hopefully they fix that shit

Vote for migz's design at MetalInkshop.com
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sup sup sup [20 Oct 2009|12:19pm]
new poster project


go go go!!

also dont forget to check

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Follow meee [07 May 2009|10:52am]
hey guys gals or anyone that is really even paying attention still

ive started over and im trying to blog all of my newest artistic endeavors in a new-filled-with-mega-awesomeness blog


cruise over and check it out for all my newest awesome shit

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hey d00ds [07 Oct 2008|10:06am]
busy busy busy

some recent work stuff

AND over the weekend

i went to go see Neil Diamond
holy shit it was fuckin awesome

to say the least
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HOLY [12 Sep 2008|02:48pm]

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hello [11 Sep 2008|03:39pm]
gotta stop forgetting to post

made this today

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i was supposed to post this yesterday but i forgot :( [24 Jun 2008|02:00pm]

so things are cool right now
just working my face off on some crazy shit lately

the latest issue of I WANT YOUR SKULL is out and yours truly is in it :D
yessss its 25 bux, so if you like skulls as much as i do, order one, they are rad little books

heres the cover done by the awesome Brian Ewing

also a shirt for tiger army

and last my homie wanted a shirt
and this is what i made for him


oh AND
two shirts
one thats kinda old (black) and a new one that just came out (green)

and a buncha other rad shit that i cant show for a while :(:(
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gettin back intot he swing of things [19 Jun 2008|10:14am]
working on some meat letters

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[18 Jun 2008|04:19pm]

just checkin in

gotta be postin mo
know what im sayin?
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Unknown Hinson [02 May 2008|10:38am]
went to see Unknown Hinson last night

show was fuckin waaaaaaayy good
dude is crazy on the guitar

peep him out
hes got rad songs
and some are hillarious

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soooooooooooooo..... [01 May 2008|12:04am]
as you'll notice
most of my stuff from earlier is not available to look at,

i recently had to ultra-mega-privatize my stuff on flickr because some jealous ass player hater tried to get me fired at work.

ill spill the beans behind the cutCollapse )
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[30 Apr 2008|11:59pm]

i hope you (you being whoever actually reads this) didnt think i was dead!!

cuz im not

just been reDICKulously busy
oh man

i figured id come back and say hi
and post this totally awesome thing i made for the i want your skull blog

they do a book every so often with rad artists
and the main focus of the book is skulls!!!

anyway its not guaranteed that you get in the book
but im crossing my fingers

here it is

wish me luck!
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Thanks [25 Mar 2008|05:15pm]
thanks peeps to all those who bought my shirt :D

someone already sent me a picture of their shirt :O

lookin good
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WHO'S GONNA BUY MY SHIRT GO GO GO [24 Mar 2008|10:19am]
buy this sweet ass shirt up at shirt.woot.com

you know you want it

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helloooooooooooo [05 Feb 2008|09:55pm]
dumpin offf the new stuff!

lol @ this

some random doodling that i managed to do :D

and a little something something im working on for vday

most recent tee design


my first shirt in hot topic!! go buy it!!


sorry for the long post
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more! [18 Jan 2008|03:50pm]
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HALLOO [17 Jan 2008|09:06am]
totally stokeed on this, so much fun

WIP for another tee at work of course

i started from here

and ended up here

heres some detail on the face (and nips :p)

still gotta lay the type in
and ill be done!
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sup dudes [08 Jan 2008|05:16pm]
dippin in and sayin what up

got some more things to post
good times

more shirts

you can see 'em bigger at my flickr
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word to larry bird [21 Dec 2007|05:43pm]
sup yall

so last day of work is over

i get the next week until the 2nd off from work
best part about it, is its all paid! booyah
AND were getting bonuses. nice one

heres some stuff ive finished up this week

some more golden people stuff w/ diff metal treaments

and this stuff for work

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the golden people [10 Dec 2007|05:14pm]
some swireliezz for a friend

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